By Adedara S. Oduguwa (08/08/2016)

My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Painted in gold, tarred in cowries and pillared with diamond.

With mercury bulbs from China to unwind its edifice.

Creating such glare anyone desires to admire.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Built with billions of forbidden funds.

Heavily guarded by 100s of soldiers from Dodan barrack,

Gateman by best brains whose certificates belong only to the gate.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Full of berry & whiskey; cowries & diamond.

With virgin-wives bought to wash grandfather’s feet.

At no cost, our kings agree to work in grandfather’s house,

Just for daily breads, since that is all the state has got.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Charmingly calved with land-mass measuring

100s in hectares. House fanning by hefty men

Who pay allegiance only to generalissimo.

With thousands of horses, camels, peacocks and

Cows house decor in complete state.

Yet, grandfather’s taste-bud remains insatiable!


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Acquired by budget padding and righteous transfers.

Since grandfather’s thumb, sole-signatory to state’s treasury.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Came under uproar. What? Generalissimo is dead!

Whilst our cooks and gardeners wept for their jobs, state-

Illuminates with jubilation. The last tyrant is gone!

Scornfully, grandfather was wrapped in N450 white linen &

Thrown underworld by his best friend –The Chief Imam.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

The fleet-of-cars, helicopters, private-jets, horses, camels, cows

Wives, diamonds, cowries and looted fund were stolen by

Angry assailants, who claimed ownership of –

Grandfather’s Wealth.


My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity,

Nought was entombed with generalissimo, even his much-adored

Italian handkerchief was seized by his suitcase.

In case you admire my grandfather, first howl his end!

About the Poem

My grandfather’s house- an haven of vanity was written to lampoon greed of the heart. After all, we came empty and would someday leave emptier. The poem is dedicated to all Nigerians. Most importantly, public office holders and wealthy men/women in high places who are carefree about sufferings of the masses.

In addition, the poem is a social satire on how everything we laboured for would be taken from us by death without our permission, especially when we achieve so much through unholy means. Illustrating this, where are yesterday’s billionaires? What memories can we remember of them? Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! But a good name truly is better than gold and cowries!


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EXCLUSIVE BIOGRAPHER is a privately owned Nigerian journalist team, located in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, dedicated to offering rich and full service bouquet including writing people biography, launching them and distributing it to all the libraries in Nigeria and around the world. We also create the best record of events, documentaries, professional/academic reports, storytelling, poem writing, political economic analysis, and all other book publications. We were registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and our registration code is 065921 in 2011. We also record your memorable events: this include; covering the event, editing it, producing it and mass producing the recorded events for you and your guest. Since incorporation, EXCLUSIVE BIOGRAPHER has delivered significant value in the institution of celebrating and immortalizing people who over the years have distinguished themselves by imparting lives in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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