IN LOVE WITH A goddess


by Adedara Oduguwa

When you are in love with a goddess.
everything turns around. Kings & mighty
almost immediately begins to admire you.
This is only a case I found in briefcase of love.

When you are in love with a goddess.
You begin to breath anew like a sunset on sunny-day
No matter how young she is, it’s definitely not another eve-
Teasing. Many might think she’s luckier-
But in truth you are luckiest!

When you are in love with a goddess.
The whole world is a word of love
And bata of love is the only beat played by drums
The Earth standsstill to make stir of a woman of steel.

When you are in love with a goddess.
Even the skies walk into you, to lift and brace you up in grace
for greatness. The moon moves more closer to your lead
Just to make no limit of your limit. Then you are of grace.

When you are in love with a goddess.
The sharks in seashore shun the aquatics for your emotional-
veranda. As if it fit to live in. Your home grows into haven-
And many coughs ‘how I wish she’s mine’.

Now that I am in love with a goddess.
My home wearing tidy, breathing peace and glowing-
happiness. My table fulls and stomach emptiness disappeared. Ah! This was what Awo saw’ in his jewel of-
Inestimable value’ more than 70 years ago.

I really do not know how to write or talk. I would have made a
memoir for this day. But for the grace of today- let the cake rolls in rows as you grow in age. Yesterday I celebrated my day, as if today will never come. Dangote, Adebanjo, Adebanke and Adedara are only a few big names I know.

I never-ever wished for more, than a lover, joy, sister, mother
Admirer, propeller, energy, determination, peace and friend found in you. Today, 20th of April is dedicated to celebrate the only woman that unconditionally agrees to marrying me.

Happy birthday Mine…

Your love,

This is a special dedication to my wife: Oluwaseun Oduguwa on her 30th birthday.


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EXCLUSIVE BIOGRAPHER is a privately owned Nigerian journalist team, located in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, dedicated to offering rich and full service bouquet including writing people biography, launching them and distributing it to all the libraries in Nigeria and around the world. We also create the best record of events, documentaries, professional/academic reports, storytelling, poem writing, political economic analysis, and all other book publications. We were registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and our registration code is 065921 in 2011. We also record your memorable events: this include; covering the event, editing it, producing it and mass producing the recorded events for you and your guest. Since incorporation, EXCLUSIVE BIOGRAPHER has delivered significant value in the institution of celebrating and immortalizing people who over the years have distinguished themselves by imparting lives in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

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