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In 1969, during one of Chief Hubert Ogunde’s Tour to Europe and the Great Britain, A British Commentator was so disturbed by the fact that the Chief was having six of his wives on the tour with him. He queried Chief Ogunde on this and see his response in the below EXTRACT.

Yes, I can remember all this and then, something that I think is funny happened when I took my group on tour of Europe and Britain 1968/69 full year, touring Europe and Britain. Now, around July 1969, my group was chosen to perform at the International Musical Architecture they called it in Wales 1969.So after the performance, I had an interview with the world Press. One BBC Interviewer, the commentator asked me, chief you have six of your wives in this group performing on this tour and then, I understand you still have another six, making twelve in all. May be you still have more, why is that so?  How can you even cope with twelve wives? Do you think it is good for one man to have twelve wives?

Ogunde n wives

Well, I told him that in Africa, this was the exactly the thing I told him ‘In Africa, we don’t pretend to be what we are not. We are faithful people. We are truthful people. When we marry one wife, we say it is one. When it is ten, we say it is ten. When it is twenty, we say it is twenty and people know. But here, you marry one officially for everyone to see and you have ten, probably twenty outside. So, you are hypocrites! We are sincere.

And from the second day, I received several telephone calls and messages from women, ladies and even men, telling me ‘Oh Chief Ogunde you are correct, tell us more. You are speaking the truth, we agree with you.”

[ Culled from the Manuscript, Hubert Ogunde: Odyssey of a Renowned Nationalist , By Adedara Oduguwa]


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